Poliakoff on Condo and HOA Living is a blog dedicated to the latest laws, regulations and issues affecting Condominiums, HOAs and Co-ops throughout the United States. Shared ownership expert Ryan Poliakoff is a former lawyer and author whose work has been published in magazines and newspapers nationwide.  In 2009 Ryan co-authored New Neighborhoods: The Consumer’s Guide to Condominium, Co-op, and HOA Living, condo association and HOA help book written with his father and well respected South Florida attorney Gary Poliakoff, a pioneer of shared ownership law.  Ryan was the inaugural president at the Ocean Palms, a $100,000,000 condominium property in South Florida, and he still serves on their board of directors.  He earned both his B.S. In Communications and a Juris Doctor degree from Cornell University.

Ryan’s writings and radio appearances have provided insight into condo and HOA living issues to loyal readers and listeners throughout the country who seek advice about the everyday hurdles that they encounter as board members or residents living the shared ownership experience.

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