Back in the Saddle!

Hello again!  My apologies for my brief delay in writing this blog–it’s been an incredibly active fall for me.  Let me get everyone up to speed.

For the past year I had served as the president of a property management company in Weston, Florida that specialized in homeowner’s associations.  It was my intent to purchase that company and turn it into a boutique, full service management firm dedicated to top-quality performance.

Unfortunately, as is often the case in the current market, the bank that was doing the financing got cold feet and after some soul searching I decided to pull out of the deal.  As you can imagine, that time period was particularly stressful and overwhelming, and I pulled back on writing this column for a bit.

Happily, I have now settled with a company that I have always respected tremendously, AKAM On-Site, a property management company in Florida that specializes in high-end properties with site managers.  I am serving as the Vice President of Management for Akam, and my job is to help oversee our dozens of clients and to make sure that the managers are all well trained and supported.  It’s a fantastic job with a fantastic company, and I couldn’t be happier.

This also means that I will now be back in the blog saddle, reporting to you on the issues that you as board members and volunteers will need to address regularly.  You’ll see articles on voting and annual meetings, special projects, crazy residents and boards that just need a little love to get along.  In addition, I’ll be posting the weekly newspaper column that I write with my father, Gary Poliakoff, featuring questions and answers from homeowners and board members.  So thank you for understanding my brief hiatus, and look for my first new post within the next week!

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