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Enforcing Covenants, Rules and Regulations in Condos and HOAs–The Concepts of Waiver and Selective Enforcement

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I wanted to talk a bit this week about two concepts that are pretty universal throughout the country–those of waiver and selective enforcement of covenants and rules.  I am going to concentrate a bit on the way Florida handles these … Continue reading

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Portfolio Management–How it Works for HOAs

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One of the most consistently misunderstood concepts in property management that I see is the basic understanding of so-called “portfolio management”–the use of a single property manager to manage a number of different communities, usually unrelated to one another.  For … Continue reading

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Protecting the Earth and Sending Wall-E Home–A Lesson in HOA Activism

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This week we have a guest blog from my brother, Keith Poliakoff.  Keith is a government lobbyist, and the below article describes his fight against a concrete, construction and demolition recycling plant planned near a number of HOAs.  It’s a … Continue reading

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Can a Condo or HOA File for Bankruptcy? A Primer.

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Bankruptcy!  We all tend to view bankruptcy as the bottom of the well–the worst possible financial outcome for any business or person.  But how many of us know what bankruptcy really means, and can a condo or HOA declare itself … Continue reading

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