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How To Avoid Getting Taken Advantage Of When Comparing Landscaping Contracts

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Happy new year to everyone! In the south it’s that time of year when we all plant our beautiful annual flowers (although most of our impatiens won’t balloon for another month or so), and so I wanted to take the … Continue reading

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Controlling the Common areas in a Condo or HOA–How Far is Too Far?

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Everyone knows that condominium associations and homeowner’s associations have some control over the use of the common elements–it’s in fact part of the board’s job to make sure that the common areas are properly used and maintained.  But far too … Continue reading

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Can a HOA Charge Dog Owners an Extra Fee?

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For today’s blog I’m going to jump right in and answer a question from one of my readers, M.N. from Arizona… I read your selection on issues with dog poop in HOA’s. I live in an HOA where that is … Continue reading

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Critically important Florida Foreclosure Ruling Finally Gives Condos and HOAs Weapon Against Banks

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An incredibly important judicial ruling this week out of the Fifth District in Florida.  If you’re in a Florida shared ownership community, you need to know about this one. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, since some of my … Continue reading

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Classic Blog: Keeping to Your Swim Lanes—Roles of the Board and Officers in Condos, Co-ops and HOAs

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This week, I thought I would talk about serving your community as a board member or officer, and how that process can be as painless and efficient as possible. As you will see, a lot of it comes down to … Continue reading

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Black Gold–Insurance issues following our condominium association Black Water Disaster

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In this final installment detailing the fallout from the black water emergency at my condominium, I wanted to talk a bit about insurance and paying for repairs.  Now, I can’t go into specifics about our particular issue, because it’s still … Continue reading

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