Owners can beat HOAs if their rights are being violated and here’s proof…

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Resident in Hillsborough County Wins Lawsuit against HOA over pickup truck

A recent lawsuit that took place in the Tampa Bay area proves that home owners can defeat their HOA in a lawsuit if their legal rights are being violated.  It sounds as if this community got some bad advice, although it’s difficult to tell the real story from just reading this short article published in the St. Petersburg Times on July 29, 2010.

The article announced that a four-year legal battle between a HOA board and a man who wanted to park his pickup truck in his driveway may have entered its last chapter when Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge Martha J. Cook ruled that the Eagles Masters Association must pay $187,443.37 in legal fees to A. J. Vizzi, a community resident. The association was given 30 days to pay, appeal or file for reconsideration.

In my opinion the lack of communication or response from the board’s legal council prevented them from reaching a final settlement that could have been a lot less expensive for the association.  However, this case proves that a Homeowner’s Association cannot infringe on a resident’s legal rights within their community.

Read the full article about the case here and decide for yourself.

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