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Can You Ever Be Too Safe? How to Choose a Security System for Condos and HOAs

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At the outset, let me state that I am not a security expert.  I have, however, spent the past year working with my board of directors to design and implement a quarter-of-a-million dollar security system in our beachfront condominium.  So … Continue reading

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Are You a Condo Commando? How Do You Avoid Becoming One?

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This blog topic is addressed mainly to board members around the country, but it will be interesting to everyone who lives in a Shared Ownership Community (SOC–condo, co-op or HOA). In reading a number of otheThe Condo Docs aren’t necessarily commandments etched in stone!
The Condo Docs aren’t necessarily commandments etched in stone and Condo Commandments aren’t to be confused with God!r condo blogs, I’ve noticed in the comments section that one negative term gets thrown around pretty consistently–Condo Commando. The question today is, what is a condo commando, and how can you avoid becoming one? Continue reading

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